Gomar Golf Club Marbella


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Membership of Gomar Golf Club Marbella offers you many advantages.

How does membership work?

As a Gomar member you can play golf in most golf clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as worldwide. With your Gomar Golfclub membership card you have the opportunity to play as a guest player around the world with a HCP of -36 (entry handicap in Spain). You only have to pay the daily fee, the so-called green fee, at the golf course you want to play on, whereby each golf club determines the admission of its own.

Benefits at a glance

  • Entry-level handicap -36 instead of -54 (from 2021)

  • Recognition of existing course maturity

  • Independent membership regardless of location

  • Participate in tournaments at guest conditions

  • No long-term commitment



79per year


179per year