Custom Fitting

Each golfer has different body dimensions. Body size, height, size of hands and arm length all affect the course of the game.

Fit and test your Driver, Putter & Wedge directly on site and take them home.

Shaft, grip, handle, kickpoint as well as loft (inclination impact surface) and lie (club head angle) can therefore be individually adjusted. With our 48 hour custom fitting service, you can have your golf clubs adapted to your needs as quickly as possible.

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We also work together with the well-known company Komperdell Sportartikel from Austria

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Free delivery!

48 hours

Within just 48 hours we will ship your custom-made, custom set

How does the fitting work?


  • Club selection Depending on playing strength and abilities

  • Body dimensions Size and arm length

  • Tee analysis Shaft quality, Flex, Kickpoint and Torque

  • Grip Evaluation if standard, under- or oversize

  • Fine tuning of loft, lie and swing weight


Grip Fitting

By choosing the right grip, the playing strength can be optimized. The handle diameter is distinguished between standard, slim or oversize, depending on the dimensions of the hand.

Shaft Fitting

The shaft of the golf club is adjusted to your height as well as the distance between your wrist and the floor, taking into account your posture and flexibility.


Loft Fitting

Adjustment of the slope of impact surface to optimize the flight curve and stroke distance.

Lie Fitting

Adjustment of the club head angle to the club length to influence the stroke direction.

Swing weight

Adjustment of the club head weight to improve swing dynamics and stroke width.