What is a course maturity?

The course maturity is required to play independently on a golf course or to receive a membership card with handicap. A distinction is made between a club internal course maturity or the DGV course maturity.  With us you can reach the DGV course maturity.

What is being tested?

Essentially, 3 different aspects are examined, which are described below.

What are Stableford Points?

The Stableford counting game is a form of golf invented by Frank Stableford in 1898, first officially used in 1932 and incorporated into the golf rules in 1968.

Here, the player receives so-called Stableford points at each hole for the played score according to the table:

Score Stableford Points
three under par 5
two under par 4
one under par 3
Par 2
one about par 1
two over par 0

Do I get certificates?

Yes. You will receive a life-long golfer’s certificate after passing the course maturity exam.

The Golfer’s Certificate allows you to complete your membership in more than 500 golf clubs throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A new place entrance test is no longer necessary with this lifetime valid certificate.

If you do not pass the course entrance exam, you will receive a Quickgame Card from us. This means that you can still play in most golf courses without a membership. The map contains information about your golf skills and confirms your game speed.

How long does it take to reach the course maturity?

With us you can take the 5-day course and receive your membership card immediately by mail after passing the exam. Once you have completed the course, you can optionally apply for a membership to play on more than 500 golf courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as worldwide.